Electronic Frontier Foundation's Legal Guide for Bloggers

As noted by, among others, the Blog Herald, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has released an excellent looking Legal Guide for Bloggers. It contains a useful set of FAQs on various topics, including IP issues, online defamation issues, privacy, reporters' privilege, media access, election law and labor law, all from a US perspective.  Well worth a peek for those not familiar with or wishing to double check the various legal issues to which blogging gives rise.

Copyright myths

Robert Ambrogi has helpfully pointed us to Kathy Biehl's article Bloggers Beware: Debunking Eight Copyright Myths of the Online World. Breach of copyright is a real risk facing a good number of bloggers unfamiliar with copyright laws. Kathy Biehl's article is therefore a helpful point of reference for those needing to know, in broad terms, what copyright law does and does not permit. It is easily digestible and written in plain (rather than legalistic) English. Well worth a read.

Blogging and legal risk

Readers will probably already have seen reference to the Computerworld piece entitled Watch Your Weblog: Legal liabilities lurk amid corporate blogs, as reported by, among others, Real Lawyers Have Blogs and Micropersuasian.

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