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For those who haven't yet come across it, an interesting new legal blog has hit the blogosphere: The Wired GC. The Wired GC "is published by a general counsel in the Midwestern United States" and one of its author's stated goals "is to recognize law firms that are moving beyond traditional ways of thinking about the law and the delivery of legal services."  The Wired GC has already posted some thought-provoking entries. Check out, for example, The Clients are Revolting and Weblogs and Legal Innovation.

This blog is of interest not only for its thoughtful entries (and tasteful design using a Kubrick template for Wordpress), but also for the fact that it's written by a general counsel who is obviously interested in innovation in the delivery of legal services.  Blogs are clearly an effective way for general counsel to voice their calls for innovation.  The Wired GC is providing just such a voice.   

Feedmelegal looks forward to reading more from The Wired GC.

Blogs in Corporate Legal Departments?

It would be highly surprising if anyone reading this blog did not also subscribe to The Blawg Channel, but in case that's the case, it's worth noting that Dennis Kennedy posted an interesting piece yesterday entitled Blawgs Hit the Corporate Legal Department Radar.

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