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I just had the pleasure of taking a peek at Ben Cowgill's Legal Ethics Blog.  Not only does it appear to be packed with interesting and well-crafted content (if I may say), but it has a great design, all within the framework of a Typepad blog.  What Ben has done will, I'm sure, be of interest not only to legal bloggers and those interested in legal ethics, but to a whole heap of people who use Typepad. 

Debate over at Real Lawyers Have Blogs (RLHB) on the need for good blog design in the light of RSS aggregation

A reader of RLHB questioned the need for good legal weblog design in what many perceive to be the forthcoming age of the webfeed and news aggregation, given the perception that one will read posts in an aggregator and not visit the source weblog itself. The responses to that comment, including one from feedmelegal, might be of interest for those following this issue.

Legal weblog designers: LexBlog visibly out in front

All those many years ago, when the humble website became a must-have item for corporates and law firms alike, we saw a groundswell of web design companies promoting their ability to create professional and branded site designs befitting of such clients.

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