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PHOSITA blog generates business

I've written about PHOSITA before because I was impressed not only by the blog itself but by its creator's open and sharing experimentation with technology such as screencasting, experimentation which as readers know has extended to, among other things, both podcasting and automatic posting of del.icio.us links. 

Now I'm writing about PHOSITA because there's an interesting article on the blog at PM Forum (Professional Marketing North America) entitled IP Blog Wins Business Award - and New Clients.  This passage caught my attention:

"While there was plenty of support for the project, some of the senior partners—who have live largely computer-free lives—didn’t quite follow the rationale. Thought leadership and online marketing sounded reasonable, but what was the point? They were soon convinced of the blog’s marketing value, though. “The first client referral from the blog really solidified things,” Sorocco reports."

Let's be frank.  There are those who undermine blogs and doubt their utility, usually through perhaps subconscious adherence to stereotypes of what a blog is and the uses to which it can be put.  It's refreshing, therefore, to read an article like that in PM Forum which obtains first-hand information from a leading blawg which, it would seem, is paying dividends for its creators. 


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Thanks for such nice and gracious comments!

Now - if we ("the patent posse" at rethink(IP)) can only pull of the hat-trick: revolutionize IP law, introduce new software and web solutions to IP problems, and still manage to see our families every couple of years -- then, and only then, will the galaxy truly be at peace! =)

Best -


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