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LexBlog just keeps on rolling out great-looking legal blogs

Just checked out Kevin O'Keefe's blog thanks to Typepad's trackback feature and noticed that LexBlog has surreptitiously added some great new legal blogs to its stable that until now I hadn't noticed:

I don't want to sound like a record stuck in a groove (I guess that expression is on its way out...), but these are great looking blogs/legal blogs/blawgs - call them what you will.  This little blog's shade of green is getting more pronounced.


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Ben - Just had a look at your blog. Wow! Wow is not a word I use that often but your site looks great. I guess you had to do a lot of tweaking under the hood, in a Pro account, to the templates, to get your blog looking so good. I'm sure there are many Typepad users out there, including me, who would love to know how you did what you did... the boxed areas, the drop shadows, the buttons in the banner, the little images... . Fantastic.

I absolutely agree that lexblog has set the standard for blog design. But I'm curious how well you think I did with a blog that I created myself in TypePad? Take a look at legalethicsblog.com. It represents an effort to incorporate all of recommendations that Kevin O'Keefe and others have been making about lawyer blogs for the past year, on a shoestring budget.

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