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Increased probing into law firm blogs?

There seems to be a subtle but noticeable trend arising in the blogosphere: people are seeing corporates (including some big name corporates) and individual lawyers (for example) getting into blogging and RSS, but with a few notable exceptions they're not seeing it on the part of that many law firms and they're wondering why that is. See, for example, Prism Legal Consulting's post Large Law Firm Blogs - Update and Blawg.org's post Wall Street - Weblogs and Syndication and Making Money.

Law firms who have considered or are considering this newish technology may have understandable reasons for treading carefully.  Some, no doubt, want to make sure they "get it right" the first time round. Whatever the case, feedmelegal is content to share in Prism's prediction that there will be significantly more law-firm-branded blogs in 2005.


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